Fear or Timidness (Telugu Message) by Dr. Samuel R. Patta, Kings Temple Church, Hyderabad

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Sermon Notes:
II Tim 1:7 – The sprit that God gave to us is not the sprit that creates Fear or Timidness.
Fear is spiritual force which works attracts that what you feared for, is similar to Faith but works in the opposite direction of Faith.
Job 3:5 Job says “Whatever I fear for; it came upon me”.Since fear will attract the what you are fearing for, so need to come out of the Fear and walk in Faith.
Gen 3:7-10 – Sin causes you to Fear, which moves away from God. We should always watch or hear what encourages our Faith but should not watch or listen to that gives Fear or Timidness. It does not matter whether it is SIN or not. Whenever you hear something that will creates pictures in your mind. If you hear the thing that creates Fear, will lead you to move away from Faith and God’s power will not work in your life.
We should always create pictures or image that builds our Faith. That is the reason Jesus says “Take care of what you hear”. Whenever you hear or watch you need to Question yourself that “Does it increases your faith Level or Decreases your faith Level?”. If the Result is Increase your faith then you need to Listen or Watch more and if Decreases your faith then you need to get away from the News or Reports or situational happenings. Bible says The Thief comes to steel and destroy. Devil is the Thief, and always tries to plug away the Word Seed from your Heart.
We should always seek the Face of God without any Fear or Doubt in our mind & with boldness that he will hear our prayers. We need to know you have The favor of God upon us. You need think based on who you are in Christ and do not think what you in real world. You need build the Faith image by the Word of God as it tells about your situation. The image drawn is what you hear or see; so draw yourself the image from Word of God for your life. Fear or Timidness Blocks the Blessing of the Lord.
Mark 16:33 – Jesus says that You shall have Tribulations. Tribulations should not occupy us or sink us but we should overcome the tribulation with Faith. Tribulations should create Fear in our hearts and sink our life Boat.
Mark 11:23 — Jesus says that to move the Mountain from you, you need to speak to the Mountain. You shall say by Believing in your heart & say to the mountain or to the problem by first Believing in heart that it will go away when you say.
We need to know when to Pray and when to Speak the Word of Faith. We should not pray when we are in trouble or Problem but builds your faith to speak to the Problem thru Word of Faith before the Problem arises. Jesus say “Pray that you should not enter to Temptation or Trouble”. Fear should not dominate our mind but Build your inner man to Fight with the Problem.
Heb 3:19 – Because of Unbelief they cannot entered the Promise Land. Israel people Fear when they hear and see what is in the natural people.