Glossophobia: My Pub Speaking experiences from Age 16

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I have shared my life experiences of Public Speaking. Eventually I gained courage and overcome it. I got properly trained and have taken more than 1000 Public Speaking Events so far.

Overcome your fear, come to me to improve your position in your job, company and society at large.

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Concept & Video Credits: CA Kanuj Kalra

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Some people do this with avoidance. They choose college coursework in such a way as to avoid public speaking, rather than taking the classes they want. At work, they pass up promotions and assignments which would require speaking.

The fear of public speaking may even lead people to choose a career that doesn’t call for public speaking, rather than one they want. This is often the case with people who have feared public speaking from a very young age.

Others don’t go that far, but will go to great lengths to avoid making presentations, or even just having to speak at a meeting. They may deliberately arrive late, hoping to miss the customary introductions (“let’s go around and introduce ourselves…”).

Many others will gamely accept an assignment and show up to give a speech when it’s important to their career. But they try to get through those situations without feeling afraid. They focus on what they feel, rather than on the message they’ve come to deliver.

This is often the case with people whose fear of public speaking developed later in life. The more successful they become in their career, the more they are called upon to share their expertise with groups, and the more anxious they become.

Overcome your fear, come to me if you want to improve your position in your job, company and society at large.