Head Start Public Speaking for Kids – Business Profile

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Paula Howley owns Head Start Public Speaking for Kids where she teaches public speaking to young people and provides kids with the tools they need to overcome fear and to speak with confidence.

As a teen, Paula was encouraged to enter a public speaking contest. That one event changed the way she thought of herself for the rest of her life! From then on, she knew she had the capability to do hard things and to speak out.

The Sunshine Coast is the prettiest place on Earth and Paula can’t believe she’s already been here for 15 years. She loves that if she smiles at someone on the sidewalk and says, “Hi,” they don’t think she’s weird.

Paula says that the ability to speak in public is life altering. Developing one’s voice as a youth infuses one with power and compassion as an adult. Learn about one-on-one coaching or group workshops by visiting Paula’s website at http://www.HeadStartPublicSpeaking.com.

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