How Fear Holds Entrepreneurs Back

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

How Fear Holds Us Back: Fear can hold us back from stepping up, stepping out and making our businesses what we truly feel we’re capable of.

We all know that dreaded feeling of fear, the niggling and creeping feelings of what may happen and how it’s all going to go wrong or how we can’t do something.

In this live video I’m going to talk about why we fear and how it manifests for business owners. I’m also going to give you a little challenge to download to uncover your individual behaviours and beliefs about fear, so you can start to overcome them and move forwards.

So whether it’s fear of public speaking, fear of stepping up your business, fear of having that conversation or fear about taking a leap of faith, join me on this live and learn what’s driving your actions/behaviour so you can change them.

This video was recorded live on Facebook so typing yes into the comments here doesn’t work. To get your hands on the free Fear Analysis Exercise visit: