“How To Build World Class Presentations & Close More Sales” GSD Mode Podcast with Dustin Matthews

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Top Entrepreneur Dustin Mathews is a master coach, trainer, author, and public speaker with a history in the marketing industry. Dustin is truly the boss of putting together presentations, no matter what industry you are in. He’s the guy that shows you how to grow and expand your business through marketing, and offer insane value to your customers. Listen to Dustin go in-depth with Joshua about marketing, using marketing to grow your business, how to develop the PERFECT presentation, and so much more. Incredible information in this one, don’t miss out!

0:01 – Introduction
3:10 – Journey to entrepreneurship
5:30 – What made you gain an interest in marketing instead of real estate?
7:20 – How did you transition out of real estate?
10:40 – How did you get over the fear of public speaking during your first real estate presentation?
14:30 – How did you then transition into public speaking and coaching?
18:30 – Utilizing joint ventures
21:00 – What are some things you would tell a coaching client of yours in the real estate industry?
28:00 – How do you turn a presentation into an online webinar?
36:00 – What are the top 3 mistakes that Most marketers make?
40:30 – How do you make an offer that compliments what you are already offering in your business?
46:30 – How did you overcome being an introvert and growing your consulting business?
52:00 – Carrying yourself with confidence will make people want to work with you
53:30 – What inspired you to start writing books, and specifically your new book on presentations?
57:50 – Is there any industry where you think your book wouldn’t apply?
59:50 – Where to get Dustin’s latest book? “No B.S Guide to Powerful Presentations”
1:04:50 – If you could go back in time and give yourself 2 pieces of advice, what would that be?
1:07:10 – Do you know of any questions that you never get asked that you wish someone would ask?

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