How to Handle Fear in an Interview -How To Give Interview | How to Confidence in Interview.

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How to Handle Fear in an Interview

#Interview FEAR:
– one very important factor when we are angry it is not a problem.
problem is when we are more angry.
– second important factor is when you are nervous
when you are nervous that you are already nervous
thats the nervousness multiplies then it just doubles
then again it doubles when you are nervous that you are nervous it becomes
more so one of the very important aspects of giving
an interview or delivering a presentation is always be relax that you are nervous

#suggestion and tips:
– just be relax and be alone just be with yourself and be with your nervousness and you feel relax tell yourself yes tell your name to yourself and say yes you are nervous thats totally fine
totally agreeable and totally natural that i m nervous and then you go ahead then your interview go very well.

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