How to Not Get Nervous Speaking in Front of People

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Have you ever had to speak in front of people either for a project, presentation or interview and completely bombed because your nerves got the best of you?

Public speaking can be scary as hell! Mostly because it’s the fear of failure and rejection wrapped into one with a little “try not to sound stupid” to top it all off.

I remember one time in particular looking at the syllabus for one of my college classes and realizing “Wait. We’re gonna have to actually speak in front of the whole class? Nah. I’m good.”

I was dreading having to get up in front of the room.

But it was one of my required classes and there was no turning back.

When I got up in front of the room for my first speech, my hands were shaking and so was my voice. I thought “Great, here’s a bunch of people who are going to judge me while I
try not to sound like an idiot, isn’t this fun!”

After I got through it I opened my eyes and realized “Hey, I’m alive!” but I hated that fact that I let fear and nervousness hold me back and stop me from really being able to speak in front of people.

Then earlier this year I found myself in another class where I had to deliver another speech with almost no prep.

But I was determined to not let those nerves get the best of me.

As scary as speaking in front of people can be, in whatever scenario, it’s such an essential skill to have and fear to conquer which is why I wanted to share what helped me take in on in this week’s video!

Watch it here:

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