How to overcome fear of public speaking

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

This episode I will give you an brief introduction of fear.
I will use public speaking as a references.

Without you even want it or know it you can actually train up your fears.

What do I mean ?

Well really simple, lets use public speaking for example.
When you were a small kid sitting in class in school and your teacher asked a question to the class, and raising your hand and for some magic reason your answer were wrong.
Everyone in the classroom laughing , mocking you.

Most people will instant connect so much negative emotions to speak out loud to a group.
Even if its not you who put up the hand, your still going to be at ease and tell yourself puuh glad I didnt put my hand up.

So it starts in so early age without you even knowing why you are so afraid of public speaking.

The hole point of overcoming the fear of public speaking is to re program your brain and your feedback system to positive instead of negative.

Just to connect more positive emotions and positive impacts when your speaking in public, thats the trick.

Thats why they have the groups for helping people to overcome it, they are “baby stepping” them through the process.
For some its enough to just sit with people, some people stands up and introduce themselves for 5 seconds and gets applause and positive feedback after that.

This is just to re frame your beliefs and your mind towards public speaking so your feedback system connect it with positive just add time and consistent action and you will succeed!

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