How To Overcome Shyness In Seconds (5 Tips To Overcoming Shyness)

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How To Overcome Shyness (5 Tips To Overcoming Shyness)


How to overcome shyness

To do a lot of big things in life, you have to learn how to overcome shyness. Being shy will hold you back in everything from getting a spouse to being able to take advantage of potential opportunities that can will change your life forever.

When you learn how to overcome shyness everything in your life will get better because you won’t be afraid to take action. Everyone from friends, family to potential lovers loves a bold, passionate person. It’s inspiring to see someone be so confident, out going and motivated.

You will notice that the more you overcome shyness the faster it goes away. You learn how to overcome shyness by realizing there is no reason to be shy. What are you afraid of? You were probably shy around the friends you have now right when you met them, right? But what happened after you got to know them?

That’s right! You realized there was really no reason to be shy around them. This is how we treat most things in life. We tell ourselves in our head that something is scary when in reality it’s not scary at all. Why would you be shy?

I’m sure you have heard people say to fight your fears head on. For instance, if you are afraid of heights, go to the top of a building and look down until you’re not scared anymore. Or if you’re afraid of spiders, hold a tarantula and realize how harmless most spiders really are.

If you think I’m just talking to be talking you don’t know me very well. I was scared sh**less of HUGE spiders (who isn’t!) but I thought it would be an amazing addition to a horror themed music video… so I went and bought me a spider and overcame my fear of it by owning it and holding it and then actually letting it crawl on me in my own music video.

Like the last one except here you are going to try things completely out of the box that you have never even considered doing before. When you go out and do something you have never even thought about doing before it not only expands your mind and helps you learn new things but it shows you more about the world which will open your mind to seeing why being shy is actually hurting you.

The more I see of this world, the more I understand how things work, why things work, why things are in place, why people act in certain ways and things that I can’t even explain to you because you have to witness them yourself. You will learn how to overcome shyness fast.

Get out there and take every opportunity you can to see new things, try new foods, experience other cultures on the other side of town, make friends with people outside of your normal circle, ANYTHING that is new to you.

Since I have started being more curious and open to stuff like this, I have become a whole new person. I mean completely different, stronger, smarter…. everything. Try new things and you will learn how to overcome shyness way faster.




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