How To Overcome Your Fears In Three Easy Steps

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How To Overcome Your Fears In Three Easy Steps
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The number one question that becomes is, is what is fear? Fear is simple. Fear is you not knowing the future. Fear is you not having the mental blueprint to accomplish what you need to accomplish right now. Simple as that. Why are you afraid of public speaking? You don’t know how to do it. Why are you afraid to pitch to a venture capitalist? You don’t know how to do it. Why are you afraid to drive a motorcycle? You don’t know how to do it. That’s what fear is. There are no ifs or buts, there’s nothing else. There are no fifty shades of grey, right. It is literally; you don’t know what to do. And if that is the answer to what fear is; wow! Because we can flip that around, and you can overcome any fear in your life. Because if fear is you now knowing the future or you not knowing the blueprint how to accomplish a task, therefore, we can just upgrade your mind and give you that blueprint.

Now, if you have a fear of public speaking such as I did, what did I do to transform myself, what did I do to give myself the blueprint to go on stage, the blueprint to be in front of the camera every single week? Let’s identify this.

First, I was honest with myself. I put up my hand and said, ‘hey Ameer, you are afraid of public speaking, you are not good at it, let’s fix that.’ I enrolled in Toast Masters, I did workshops on a weekly basis, I did over 500 videos on camera, I did small workshops from five people to big workshops of 200 to 300 people and plus. At the end of the day, I upgraded my blueprint. Therefore I have the blueprint for public speaking.

Same thing if you are afraid to pitch to venture capitalists for your business. Well start small, pitch to your friends, pitch to your friends’ associates and work your way up the ladder. Give yourself the mental blueprint. And that is how you overcome fear. It is not a complicated system. People tend to make fear so complicated, they are like, ‘oh you have to do this…’

No. No, no, no, no, no, no. Life is simple. Life is not a million different layers. Life is very black and white.

A, it is being honest with yourself. People aren’t honest. Are you honest with yourself? Do you tell yourself, yes, I really am afraid of this and I need to fix my problem. That’s the first thing.
Second, is going through the evolution of upgrading your mind, upgrading your blueprint.
Third, is execution.

Those are the three steps to overcome fear. So, on is you identify, and you are honest with yourself. Number 2 is you acquire the mental blueprint. And number 3 is execution, because the more fears you can overcome, the better quality of living you have, but it all starts with being honest with yourself. So, if you are not really good at running a business per se, and you are afraid of running a business, be honest with yourself. Maybe get a coach, get a mentor, join an incubator. Or, if you are a competitor – a lot of people watching this video maybe do bodybuilding or something like that – and you realise you don’t have the discipline to have a schedule on a day to day basis, get a trainer, get a coach, upgrade your mental blueprint.

For example, a lot of people are afraid – and we will go back to the original thing – of talking on stage among many people. You don’t have to start there. You can start with a camera like this. You can start with one person in the room, then graduate to two, then three, then four, then five, then ten, etc. You work up the ladder, and each rung of the ladder that you climb, you create that new blueprint in your mind. And the magical thing about this is the more honest you are with yourself, meaning, I have fear A, fear B, fear C, the more tools and skills you acquire.

Remember what Jim Rohn talks about.. If you want to succeed in life, you have to build the skills in yourself. Upgrade who you are, upgrade your worth in the economy, and therefore you get paid back in dividends a million fold, a billion fold.

So there are a couple things I want you to do from here. Number

1, I want you to comment below this video, let me know what kind of fears you have, and how you can overcome your fears.

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