How to REALLY Find Your Purpose and Awaken to Your True-Self

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video, I’ll be sharing with you how to awaken to your life purpose and how to really connect to the deeper part of who you are. Now me for example, over the last year or two I’ve really started to take action with my purpose. I’ve been able to see how that’s affected my energy state, how that’s really allowed me to grow in ways that I couldn’t even imagine before and my intention with this video is that when you’re done watching this video, you’ll have more of a sense of what your purpose is and how to go along that process to figure it out if you don’t already.

“Now, realize first off that everyone has a purpose in life. Now maybe you have multiple purposes but when you start to first off have this perspective, there’s more likelihood that you will find out whatever that is but when you start to first off have a general sense that you do have some type of purpose, then you’re more likely to see the reflection of whatever that is.

“Now with our purpose realize that most people beat themselves up because they keep re-affirming to themselves that I haven’t found my purpose, I don’t know my purpose. The more we focus on that perspective, the more we see the reflection of it in our life. We experience in our life a reflection of who we are being in the present moment and if what we’re constantly thinking to ourself is, I don’t know my purpose, you know keep asking that question over and over again, we continue to beat that drum. Now it is a good thing to ask the question what is my purpose and that’s actually the first thing that I want to talk about.

“When you simply have the desire to find out what your purpose is and you simply intend that you will start to see more evidence of what that is, you will then begin to experience more and more reflection of that. So simply realize that having the intention is the first step. It doesn’t mean you have to find out exactly what that is right away but it does mean that asking the question you will then begin to see more reflection of what that is. It’s almost like there’ll be a carrot on a stick that bobs you in a certain direction and then you’ll be able to find out more and more what that is. So maybe it starts off small where you go to a bookstore and you read a book and you’re really interested in whatever that subject is and that leads you to something else or then you go out with a friend and you start to do something with that friend and you realize that that activity that you’re doing is something you really enjoy doing. It could be a number of different things but simply having the intention in the beginning is what will bring more and more reflection to you, showing you what the answer is.

“Logically or naturally when you ask the question, your brain will look for the answers based on patterns, your brain will start to find it. So ask the question and then go from there. Now the point might be analyzing and looking at the things in your life that you are most passionate about or simply things that put you into a flow state. So when you start to look at things that you did growing up, that you used to really enjoy, maybe there’s a certain subject in school that you were always very fond of, when you start to look at these little things and you start to simply focus on them more. You’ll start to see certain patterns. Maybe you realize that you always loved teaching ideas to other people or maybe you realized that you always enjoyed talking about this type of subject and when you start to look at the past experiences that you’ve had, of things that you enjoy doing or put you into a flow state, you can take those pieces and start to see how they all correlate together, how they all add onto itself.

“Simply having the intention is the first step and then becoming hyper aware of the things that you’re passionate about in the past of your state of being and how you feel when you do certain things, then you begin to see it more and more. It’s almost like as you get into that state of being, of asking that question of really acting on your excitement, you’ll start to see more and more reflection of it. Now me for example, I’ve always known that my purpose at a certain level was to speak so like share ideas. I took forensics debate in high school in like my sophomore year and we went to tournaments and it was something that I first didn’t want to do at all. It was something I did just to get over my fear of public speaking because when I was in 7th grade, I got in front of the class and just completely blanked out and it was like very embarrassing. So I was like okay maybe this will help push me to get over that fear of public speaking, then I started to do it….

This video is about The Secret to REALLY Finding Your Purpose (and how to do it)