how to reduce anxiety in public speaking

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

here are the tips for anxiety-
Tips for anxiety in public speaking
Tip #1
Practice your speech in front of a mirror until you become comfortable looking directly at yourself and speaking out loud.
When you get in front of your audience you can pick out one person or more to speak directly to. Since you’ve practiced your speech in front of a mirror until you’ve felt comfortable, those feelings will carry over as you speak to someone in the audience… you can imagine you are speaking out loud to yourself!
Tip #2
Visualize yourself in front of your audience giving a successful speech. Just sit and close your eyes and imagine yourself on stage, in front of a podium or wherever you will be giving your presentation. See yourself feeling confident and comfortable sharing your knowledge with the audience.
Visualize people coming up to you after your speech to thank and congratulate you. Think about past successes in your life, not just in the public speaking arena, but any kind of success you’ve had. Use the feelings that come up when you replay these scenes in your mind to help you connect to what you are wanting to feel when giving your presentation.
Tip #3
Take a few moments to breathe slowly and deeply before you start your speech. Public speaking anxiety often causes symptoms such as difficulty breathing, heart palpitations and more. So taking the time to breathe in a conscious way will help relieve these symptoms.
Tip #4
Use positive affirmations and encouraging self-talk to help you build your self-esteem. Feeling confident in your ability to give a great presentation comes with believing that you can.
Tip #5
Act as if you are confident! Think about a great public speaker you know. How do they stand? Do they move on stage? Do they smile? What do they wear? Emulate them. Pretend that you are this person you admire, until you feel their essence within you. Have fun with this! Recreate a speech you’ve seen then give and present it to an imaginary audience.
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