How to set Goals & Resolutions that Work

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.


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With the new year started, many of us are excited about what the future has to hold. Maybe you’re thinking about your career choices, maybe you want to finally learn to do that cool hobby, run that race, write that book, get over that fear of public speaking. Perhaps you want to do all of those things and more, and now it’s time to turn those dreams into your new year’s resolutions.
Today we talk about the importance of goals and resolutions. Discussing the psychological ins and outs, is our resident psychologist, Dr. Audrey Tang, and educating us on the importance of goal setting for our children, is family coach Sharon Lawton. Nutritionist Hannah Richards gives us a great healthy recipe to help you stick to your food related resolutions this new year. Financial expert Priti Shah gives us some much needed advice on how to be more frugal this year, and we also show you how we got on when we did the Mental Health Dance Challenge at St. Andrew’s CoE Primary School and Chrissy reveals her number one failure when it comes to resolutions and what she is finally doing about it.


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