How to Speak More in Class

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Shy to speak in class? Here’s what to do…

I am filming this video outside to show the process of pushing through the fear of speaking up in public. I challenged myself to film in noisy, ‘ugly’ environments which you don’t normally see in my videos. I also film inside in a shopping centre, which made me feel particularly nervous.

The Six Steps to Speak More in Class…

Step One: Choose your position.
Talking in class is a lot easier if you place yourself in a ‘safe’ or comfortable position in the classroom. For me, I liked to sit at the front of the class by the wall or window.

Step Two: Get in There First
The idea of speaking in front of people tends to be more scary than the reality. Try to involve yourself by saying something as soon as possible. The longer you wait to talk, the more scary it gets.

Step Three: Set Yourself a Goal
Before going into the situation where you are expanding your comfort zone, set yourself a goal of what you want to achieve. Don’t make your goal really hard. It’s important that you can achieve your goal without overwhelm.

Step Four: Allow and Expect Nervousness
Nerves are going to happen in situaitons where you push yourself out of your comfort zone. If you get sweaty, your voice shakes or you stutter, don’t fight it. Allow the nerves to be there and continue speaking. If you forget what you are saying, that’s okay. Just wait until you remember, then continue.

Step Five: Treating Your Teachers Like Humans
Say hello to your teachers and be polite if you can manage it! When you have a good relationship with your teachers, it makes it easier to speak and contribute to the class.

Step Six: Learn to Enjoy Being Wrong
This step is about accepting that there will be times that you answer something wrong. If your head gets annoyed with you for being wrong, correct yourself by saying to yourself ‘at least I tried.’

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