Learn How to Overcome your Biggest Fear By Shubham Singh Kushwah | English | Motivational

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Its completely normal to have fears. Sometimes our fears helps us to take right cautions. But When fear starts overtaking our life, then it becomes a problem.

When we don’t try to overcome our fear, we tend to loose a lot of things in Life. For example, A person who is scared of speaking in public, never try to learn speaking in front of crowd. A person who is scared of water, never try to learn swimming. So one thing is very clear in human behavior that We always try to avoid our fears. That is the biggest blunder that we make in our Life.

Well, In this video, We are going to learn step by step process of How to overcome our biggest fears.

1) Recognizing our fear :
You must try know, what are we scared of ? and How do we react to our fears. Sometimes our fear is related to some events in our life. e.g. you may have experienced some car accidents in childhood, which developed a fear of driving inside you. You may have seen somebody being made fun of while speaking in public, which may develop a fear of public speaking. When it comes to face it, we start getting panic and nervous and we start losing our confidence, our ability to make decisions, our ability to analyse information.

2) Identify the Root Cause of the fear : Ask yourself some questions and try to find their answers like Where did you get this fear from ? what triggers it ? Sometimes we inherits fear genetically from our parents or the environment we live in, sometimes we get it from life accidents. Sometimes our fear is based on just some false beliefs or the unseen stories told by other peoples. Knowing all these things, would help us to know ourself better and overcoming our fears. If our fear is based on false beliefs, then we just need to dig it a little deeper and you will find our answer.

3) Expose yourself to your fear :- We often try to avoid coming face to face with our fears. But we need to realize that avoiding our fears would never help us. It would only make the situation worst. The only way to overcome our fear is by exposing ourselves to our fears. Instead of trying to avoid them, we must try to face them, to challenge them and I know, it is not going to be an easy task and we would really need to work very hard to overcome our fears.

I know, this is not the case with me only, there are many people in this world, who have faced something like this at some point of time in life or some people may still be experiencing the same. If you also relates to some fear like this, then today is the time to say good bye to your fear and start giving it a tough fight from today onwards. I am sure, you would definitely overcome it on day.