Lessening the Fear of Public Speaking by Fred Miller

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Watch the complete micro-course:
Survey after survey lists The Fear of Public Speaking at the top of the ‘Fear List’ most people have. Some say they would rather die than stand in front of an audience and deliver a speech. This is unfortunate because it holds many back from reaching their potential. Up to seventy-five percent of the population, to one degree, or another, has this dread. It is a fear worth confronting and overcoming. You might be the world’s leading authority on a subject, but if you can’t present that expertise to others in a manner that educates, entertains, and explains it well, you won’t achieve the goals that should be yours! This course explains WHY we have a Fear of Public Speaking and gives proven Nuggets to Lessen it! The course focuses on the ‘Elevator Speech,’ but the principals apply to All Presentations! More! http://www.nosweatpublicspeaking.com