Manoj Vasudevan World Champion of Public Speaking: Master The Art of Public Speaking: TIT27

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Manoj Vasudevan was not always a world-class public speaker but with consistent practice and endless determination he was able to win the coveted World Championship of Public Speaking in 2017. At one point in time he was not promoted by his organization to the next level as he lacked what it took to be at next level. That was the moment when Manoj decided to excel in Leadership and Communication skills. He quit his job, started a company and started to work on building these skills. 

Manoj is a Global Next level Leadership expert. He is the CEO of Thought Expressions, an organisation that helps you take your speaking to World Class standards. He was crowned as a world champion of public speaking in 2017 leaving behind over 35,000 aspirants from 142 countries in World’s largest speech contest. He was also among the top-25 stand-up comedians at the International Comedy Festival in Hong Kong. He holds an MBA from Imperial College London and his books include international best-seller Mastering Leadership The Mousetrap Way.

Some Questions I ask Manoj: What are some of the perks of being world champion of public speaking? Is there anything about public speaking that you yourself feel that you haven’t mastered it yet? Are there some speakers in present or from the past that you yourself look up to or learned lot from?    We have all listened to great speeches from Martin Luther King Jr. to Steve Jobs. What makes a great iconic speech like those or what are the common qualities these iconic speeches have? Time Stamps: 04:08 Manoj shares about the sense of satisfaction that comes from achieving goals. 05:47 He talks how teaching public speaking to students has helped him get clarity of his speech.  07:17 Manoj shares about his journey of how he got into public speaking. 08:52 Five cores skills to master in life. 11:47 He talks about leaving his job and starting his company to master the skills. 14:35 How can one eliminate the fear of public speaking? Three milestones of public speaking  20:45 Why  continual learning is important to Manoj? 29:02 How did Manoj got into comedy?  36:40 Why Manoj thinks leadership is about creating more leaders? 39:21 How taking ownership of job at hand can help you develop leadership qualities? 42:33 Enlightening Round  Show Notes page: 

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