Marie Forleo’s B-School BONUS (with free gifts worth $1997) #GetNoticed w/Jen Griswold

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Between Marie Forleo’s 6-module B-School course and my BONUS resources, we’ve got you covered! We’ll get your business noticed in this noisy world! #GetNoticed

The toughest part is Getting Noticed in a Noisy World Full of Competition.

Let’s face it. Whatever it is that you’re selling, you represent it. That means you need to have a great in-person, online, and web presence. You need to be memorable, compelling, and, of course, convincing.

They say that most people are more afraid of public speaking than of death. Even if that’s not exactly true for you, marketing yourself usually takes a lot of trial and error, awkward conversations, and numerous failed attempts. Eventually, you’ll settle on a description of what you do (that you’re marginally comfortable delivering)…but I can help you do better, feel confident, and stand out immediately!

That’s where the “Getting Noticed” B-School Bonus Bundle comes in…
I’ve put together a value-packed bonus to help you GET NOTICED on your first try! I know you’ll love it!

I’ll teach you, coach you, and help you get it right (until you’re comfortable getting it right)!

By signing up through Mission Entrepreneur’s B-School Affiliate link (, you get the value-packed Mission Entrepreneur’s Getting Noticed Bonus B-School Package! This awesome Getting Noticed Bonus sells for 97 and is included for FREE when you sign up for B-School with my affiliate link (enrollment closes 1 Mar 18)!



1). 5x Coaching Sessions (including topics like):

– Setting Yourself Apart. What’s your mission? Why do you exist? What makes you different?

– Your Message. Getting over fears for public speaking, telling your story, my tips on delivering your message.

– CEO of You. Tell the story of you. How to lock into your confidence. How to maintain a CEO mindset through every phase of your business.

– Your Relationships. Reframing failures. We’ll teach you how to take the emotion out of hearing “no” and teach use it to propel you to the next step.

– Work from Home. How to balance kids, domestic duties, and work all in the same space.

2). Training. On-the-Go Access to 2 fantastic E-Courses: “Images That Get Noticed” and “Getting You Noticed”:

– Learn how to design your own professional quality images
Gain control of your brand and find the tools to make it all your own

– My ways are easy, DIY, on-the-go friendly and on a shoestring budget!

3). A TEAM on your side with my Panel of Experts (you are NEVER alone):

– Q&A with experts (Marketers, Photographer, Designer, Speaker, Copywriter)

– Personal feedback on your mission and delivering your message I’ll be there, with my team of experts, to make sure your questions get answered and we get you noticed!

4). Getting Noticed Startup Box

I’m so excited to get you off to a great start!

The first 20 people to enroll with my affiliate bonus will get an “Entrepreneur’s Startup Goodie Box” with my favorite tools like these (you know, the ones that help me Get Noticed)!

This won’t be available long! Grab yours today!

– Selfie Light

Let your best-selfie shine with a selfie light. Honestly, this will be your best friend and greatest tool for looking great. I use mine all the time to combat the tired and wrinkled look when on camera.

– Adjustable Phone Tripod

Whether you are trying to get a great selfie, you’re on a video call or testing out Facebook Live, you need your phone to stay in place! Here’s the tripod that I love and I’m telling you…it works great for those live videos!

– Journal

Keep your thoughts together and look great doing it. You get one of my favorite journals to stay organized.

– Lapel Microphone Recorder

What good is getting noticed if you can’t be heard? Use this discrete lapel mic to make sure you sound your best.

– My Favorite Lip Gloss

And let’s face it, we want to put your best face forward. We’ll do it with my favorite lip gloss and help you shine!

Do You Still Have Any Questions?

I realize that enrolling in B-School is a big step. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have. I’m here to help!

Oh, and this is important…You will only get my Getting Noticed Bonus if you enroll using my affiliate link. Please send me a note with “I Just Enrolled in B-School” on the top of the message (to so I can make sure all the records are accurate and you get my bonus!

It boils down to this…I want you to be excited about your new business. And, I’ll make sure the rest of the world finds it just as compelling…our mission is to help you stand out, set yourself apart from the competition, and get noticed.

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