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Reading English newspaper:

Now, you must have heard this a lot, but reading English newspaper on daily basis will indeed improve your vocabulary in so many ways. You will come across different words that you were probably unaware of and you also get to understand proper grammatical tone. Besides, with learning English, you will also stay updated on current affairs going on nationally and internationally.

Read English Books:

For those of you who do not prefer newspapers, can switch to English books. Newspapers can be a little intricate to understand, especially for novice learners. So, it is better to start with an English book. You can go for simple English novels featuring simple language, rather than high-end complex ones.

Practice writing:

Not just speaking in English, but writing in this language is also equally significant. Practice writing short stories in a notebook or on a computer, if possible, to get used to the English language. You can even download some sample TAT pictures and practice story writing in MS Word. This will not only improve your English but also sharpen your TAT practice.

Watch English News Channels or Movies with Subtitles:

One of the best ways to master the English language is by watching English news Channels or Movies along with the English subtitles. This is the most effective method because you are not only listening the pronunciation but also watching people talk, thereby your grasping will be much more precise and resolute.

Note down new words:

When you come across any new word, just note it down in a diary, find out its meaning in an English dictionary and also try to pen down its synonyms. This approach will help you improve your vocabulary in a short period of time. Try to note down at least 10 to 15 words per day and use it in your everyday life while speaking.

Speak it out:

No matter how much you practice writing, listening or reading in English language, you will never really get over the fear of speaking in English unless you practice it on daily basis. Talk with your friends or family in English, so that you can eventually gain courage and win over your shyness of speaking English in public. This will certainly help you a lot during SSB interview.

Mirror practice:

If you are really too shy talking with your friends or family in English, then start with talking to yourself first. You can prepare a small speech and practice speaking it in front of the mirror. While you are on it, make sure your pronunciation and grammatical tone is good too.

Gain practical knowledge:

Learning English language will not reap you benefits if you have no awareness regarding current affairs or general knowledge. Remember when your mind has truly understood and grasped this knowledge- that is when you will be able to speak it out without hesitation or fumbling. From news journals, SSB prep books, GK books to daily newspapers, find valuable resources and learn as much as you can.

Internet and Mobile Apps:

There are heaps of websites and mobile apps that provide you with effective tools to learn English, absolutely free of charge. You can always browse for search free services and make the most out of them.