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as a public speaking coach and professional speaker, I’m always looking to increase my knowledge by reading new books on the art of public speaking. I was thrilled to read Allan’s book, how to Avoid the Ten Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes.the book does a great job of covering ten mistakes which Kill your presentation. I cannot count the number of times I have seen presenters make these mistakes. Perhaps you’ve seen presenters who make these mistakes. Or perhaps You make these mistakes?in any case, this is a short, handy, and practical guide contains tools, tips and techniques you can use immediately to avoid the mistakes most presenters make. What I like about the book is that Allan not only discusses what Not to do, he also gives you tips on what you Should do.a valuable public speaking guide that belongs on every presenter’s bookshelf! Avoid these 10 mistakes and you will be better than 99% of most presenters.akash Kariathis book is masterfully written. Seldom would you find insights on the what (mechanics); the how (process) and the mistakes to avoid in one resource. From beginning to end it never felt like I was reading a book,…. it truly felt like I was being coached. Allan and Allan are consummate professionals.dr. Ray Charlesspeakerin this book, you will discover the Ten Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes to Avoid and What to Do Instead. Study them. Put what you learn into practice. When you do, you will experience success delivering presentations.a speaker who speaks at one vocal rate, one tone of voice and one volume level is anathema to an audience.the above comes from a discussion of Mistake #7. someone once asked a professional speaker, do you need to use humor in your presentations? He responded, no, not unless you want to get paid.humor in presentations is like spices and herbs in a salad humor can turn an ordinary presentation into an audiences delight.humor can help you grab your audience’s attention. It can make the end of your presentation more memorable. A humorous anecdote or story can help make your point stick.ten Strategies for Using Humor .. the above comes from a discussion of Mistake #9. Almost all people have a fear of public speaking to some degree. The fear of speaking is the number one fear, greater than the fear of death. As Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian, said, most people would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy.but this does not have to be you