Number One Fear People Have Is Of Public Speaking – Learn How To Be Confident – (Tips and Tricks)

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Number One Fear People Have Is Of Public Speaking so today in this youtube video i will teach you guys on How To Be Confident while giving a public speak with the help of cool – (Tips and Tricks) .
do you know that the 4 biggest fear people have in this world is of snakes the 3rd biggest fear is going to jailthe 2 nd biggest fear is death and the number one 1 fear that people have is facing udience ( public speaking)this fear of facing audience is called glassophobia
see guys getting good at this public speaking , -The tips I give you in this video are going to a bit different than all those others tips that you must have heard so many times, like Know your audience. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.Practice in front of a mirror. Make eye contact, know your content . So today I will be telling you guys out the blue tips to master the art of public speaking . First one is , talk with a camera -2. Watch yourself (and take notes). So what you got to do is Start with an audience of one – you. Now You must be thinking what will I get when I talk into camera or how is it going to help me with public speaking. well well well Most people think talking in front of a camera is easy, but you’d be surprised to know that its not at all that easy as it seems to be .you don’t believe me ? fine try it out yourself . Set up your smartphone and then try giving a speech. Than you will get to know how hard it is well its not hard but its not easy also . also it will do one more benefit to you . – Once you’re finished watch yourself and take notes of things you do wrong. Also I’m Warning you hear : so the first time you do this, it will shock you. ( be prepared ) What’s will shock you here is that to know how many bad habits we have from “umms” and “ahs” to looking up or down at the wrong time. Once you know where you’re going wrong, repeat the process over focusing on trying to reduce the areas you struggle with. This talk with the camera will be worth it  2) Be confident – wait wait wait this is not just another tip that many videos out there say like – hey dude be confident when you speak and will rock . hahha its very easy for people to say to be confident but its not that easy to be confident . well see guys if you want, 2)confidence .( trick your brain to get that confidence .)
To master the art of public speaking confidence is very important no doubt I mean extremely important ,and You might have already read and learned how to be confident, but what if you still don’t feel all that confident?. Don’t worry – i will tell you guys now how to feel confident- so this is a psychological trick that you can you to trick your brain to get confidence , yes this is true guys , you can trick your brain to be more confident , ok , so now I’ll tell you how to trick your brain to be confident – to be honest I have used these trick number of times on number of occasions , not only wile doing some public speaking but while talking to strangers and on many other occasions .- 1)For starters, stand tall.- Tall, correct posture is the hallmark outer sign of confidence — and research shows standing up straight will help you feel it on the inside, social psychologist and body language researcher Amy Cuddy explains in her TED Talk about posture you felt happy why ?this is because you are forcing a smile and your body send a single to your brain that you are happy .even if you arr’t this act of smiling make you happy .and that is exactly what happen when you take a power stance your body release testastorone and you feel more powerful and confident .) choose your outfits wisely. Studies suggest that what you’re wearing can have a direct effect on how secure and powerful you feel. You must have noticed it to , when you dress well you feel good about yourself and there is a dramatic increase in your confidence and on the other hand if you are wearing something that does not fit you that well and you know that you are not looking good in that , then certainly your confidence level goes down .
So dress well wile giving a public speech . 3). Learn a few magic tricks. Really.This is the most important thing that will give you experience that you need to master the art of public speaking .When people think about magic, they imagine sawing a woman in half or making a card vanish into thin air. What they don’t realize is just how useful magic is in helping you master public speaking.
Thanks to YouTube, it takes less than a few hours to learn five or ten basic tricks that can be done almost anywhere with just a deck of cards or some common items. Once you have them down pat, all you need is a few willing spectators. Start with your friends in school or tution then with your parents , then after you have some confidence, ask some random people at the mall.…
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