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One of the most baffling and maddening questions to either ask or be asked when it comes to panic and anxiety disorder is the question of “Why?” What causes a panic attack? Where does it come from? How come you have it? How to deal with a panic attack?

It’s hard for those who deal with anxiety attacks and it’s hard for those who go through them and it’s hard for those who lived with someone in their life who’s going through it.

It’s difficult and it is especially maddening when you realize that what people believe is the cause really turns out to be symptoms of something and not the cause.

I will give you an example what causes a panic attack. Many people will have a panic attack that they will say their first panic attack came from out of the blue. I don’t know where, just they may be in the grocery store or they may have been in a shopping center or on a plane or a train or maybe they were stuck in traffic or alone or maybe there’s a storm that was coming and they just started feeling nervous and the next thing you know, they’re hyperventilating and they don’t know why.

A lot of times people will be in those situations and they will say, “Aha! That’s what caused my panic attack” Truth is that my friend is the opposite of what I believe you need to do when you’re trying to find out what caused it.

What cause a anxiety attack?
The real thing to do is now to backtrack and find out what was the sequence of events that kind of led you to where you were. I don’t suggest this is easy and there are a lot of causal relationships that you might not recognize.

But there are some big red flag events or lifestyle choices that you can make which can cause a anxiety attack

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what Causes A Panic Attack

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