Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Fear of making presentations, public speaking and participating in group discussions is considered to be the greatest of all fears by the general population. If your job requires you to perform these activities, what I am about to share in this video could save your job and advance your career.

Hypnosis Is By-Far The Most Effective & Fastest Method to Begin Making Confident Presentations. You might one of the thousands of men & women who have effectively lost weight, quit smoking and became confident presenters using hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Now, who am I to be making such a statement? I’m Charles Beeson, a clinical hypnotherapist in Cupertino, CA. Before I started my 26 year career in Hypnosis, I was the Sales Manager for several High Tech Start-ups.I watched both, young and seasoned sales executives, as well as, computer engineers, fall apart, when they had to make an important, group presentation. I witnessed the shaking… the anxiety… the trembling voices and even panic attacks.I wanted to help them and didn’t know how.

Then, I witnessed men and women who had completely lost their fear of public speaking in what seemed like … a lightning speed miracle.

I found out later that they did it with hypnosis.

Since then, I’ve created a 5 Step Program for the high-tech Engineers and Executives of Silicon Valley. It has helped hundreds to Retrain their Minds to become Confident Presenters in just a few weeks. Hypnosis is the Most Powerful Tool to
Re-train the Mind.

InstaCalm 5 Step – Presenting With Confidence Program

1. Eliminate the anxiety and nervousness the night before… the morning of… and minutes before… you begin to present to a group or speak in a discussion.

2. Trigger a feeling of Calmness & Confidence, just seconds before you begin to speak.

3. Transform self-limiting beliefs of “I’m not good enough”, into a powerful self-mage of expert-credibility.

4. Eliminate the fear of being judged or critiqued by colleagues and management.

5. Learn to execute an impressive presentation with a “Performance Strategy”, that commands respect and wins – over your audience.

Thousands have become excellent Speakers & Presenters using Hypnosis.

This program is fast and effective. Most of my clients achieve enough improvement after just the first, one hour session, that they are able to present with much greater confidence …

The Very Next Day!!!
You will receive Self Hypnosis Recordings to reinforce your 5 private, coaching sessions.

Call Me Now (408) 366-0707 to schedule a 30 minute, no-charge, consultation. I will demonstrate how this works and provide a hypnotic capacity screening to determine how effective your results will be! Stop procrastinating your future.

Don’t let others perceive you as fearful, nervous or incompetent.

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