Overcoming My Fear of Public Speaking (CRINGE ALERT)

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Public speaking is scary dude. It’s probably top of everyone’s list of fears tbh. I still get stage freight, but overall, I’m doing a pretty good job overcoming my fear in public speaking. It’s that number one moment that I’ll always remember from my Public Speaking class.
I start talking about it at 5:23 if you just wanna skip ahead.

BTW guys! Ugh, I think this will be my last video in a while. I just want to get my boards exam by the way so I can commit myself to YouTube for a few months. Yo, I really love making youtube videos. Ya ya ya Nicole. How many times have we heard this SOB story before. Okay, that’s true. I should shut up. lmfao but I really love this. I mean the hardest thing for me is starting a new project tbh. But after I exported this video, I was craving to make another video. but ughh. Then that would mean i have to write out another script. Put on some make up. Get all dolled up. Wait until the sun hits the perfect lighting in my room. Get lazy then cry in my bed because my dad keeps asking if I’m reviewing for my boards exam. To that I reply, “no, dad. I’m making my youtube dreams happen.” omg this ain’t tumblr nicole. stop venting out. Do you guys even read my descriptions? i have a lot of feelings. ok bye. peep me at my social medias thooooo!
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