Own Your Story | Ft. Yahya Bakkar

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

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About Yahya Bakkar:
Yahya Bakkar has been called “The World’s Greatest Millennial Public Speaking Coach” by Gerard Adams himself. He’s spoken on over 500 stages and has been featured on various nationally recognized organizations such as Harvard, TEDx and Yale. Now he’s on a mission to impact 1,000,000 more lives by helping 1,000 leaders become world-class speakers. If you’d like to learn how to own your story, clarify your message and use speaking as a tool to grow you influence, impact and income, download the 5-Step Blueprint to Become a World-Class Speaker here: http://WorldClassSpeaker.com

About Gerard Adams:
Hi, I’m Gerard. Also known as The Millennial Mentor™. As a thought leader, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist, my purpose is simple: to inspire other Millennials to leverage their passions to create the successful lifestyles they dream of. I know many Millennials have the desire to break out of what they’ve been told to do in favor of boldly choosing what they know they’re meant to do. I know this story well, because I’ve lived it.

I became a self-made multi-millionaire at 24, but not without overcoming obstacles, fear, and self-doubt. I left college early, after a semester to be exact, to pave my own path. I was told I might not make it, and that I was on my own. Still, I had this drive to keep learning and keep pushing forward no matter the odds. I knew the path that I was choosing was risky, untraditional, but I’ve always been one to aim for living a life outside of the ordinary.

My background wasn’t one that seemed slated for outrageous success. I started from the bottom, and made it my mission to get to the top, doing what I was passionate about, and giving a voice to my generation. At first, I failed! Big time. But I kept going, co-founding a well-loved news platform called EliteDaily.com. I hustled, kept my mind focused, and hustled some more until my publication EliteDaily.com had a readership of over 80 million visitors per month. In 2015, we sold the platform to a multi-billion global corporation for ,000,000, and my hard work had paid off.

I’m thirty-three now, and in recent years I’ve invested in, built, and backed 9 companies and trades that have all made seven figures. I’ve lived bi-coastal, owned exotic cars, traveled the world first class, and made friends with countless influencers.

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