Phobias, What is Yours? Dr Judy WTF 3- 17-2016

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The topic today was on phobia’s. In Dr. Judy MIND MAP style, she analyzed the CAUSE of phobias. Phobias are often a projection of the original trauma that triggers fight flight. For example, sharing with the audience her own fear of public speaking (which she overcame in college) Dr. Judy relates it back to being called “stupid” and how this negative core belief became activated by an elementary school teacher, causing to fear public speaking.

Common phobias include Agoraphobia or fear of heights, Fear of Public Speaking,
Claustrophobia or Fear of Small Spaces, and Arachnophobia or Fear of Spiders. We even discuss the Fear of Flying where close to 35% of all flight staff has a fear of flying.

Phobias are representations of the injuries or wounds of childhood. While some phobias have survival instinct value–fear of heights, fear of small spaces, and other such fears that may mean danger, most phobias are signals that something happened at the CAUSAL level.

Techniques such as desensitization (slowly exposing the person to the fear) or flooding (flooding the person with their fear) are some techniques used to conquer fears. If you don’t go back to the CAUSE, it is difficult to dismantle the root of the fear.

We SHRUNK THAT TUNE: “Phobias,” by The Kinks…

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