Practical wisdom: How to overcome your fears

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In this video I share some practical tips to help you overcome your fears.
We all have fears in all spheres of our life and these fears often hold us hostage and prevent us from going after what we want, realising our dreams and achieving our goals.

Thus, dealing with your fears and overcoming your fears is key to your personal growth, professional and personal success.
In this video you will find some practical advice on how to deal with fears and get past your fears so that you can turn challenges into opportunities for personal and business growth and achievement.

The first step to overcoming your fear is to identify what that fear is. It could be, for example, fear of public speaking, it could be reaching out to potential clients or opening up to people in order to form friendships and relationships.
Once you realise what the fear that is holding you back is, there are several things you can do to overcome that fear:

1. Start to love your fear. Make friends with the fear. In other words, embrace your fear. Open up to it and listen to what it reveals about you. Every time you are about to do what scares you, take that fear along. Admit that it is there but understand that that’s ok – we all have fears. Don’t fight the fear.

2. See what you need to do to overcome your fear. Develop and practice the skills in the area that scares you. In other words, get experience in the what you are afraid of.
Many people feel fear and build up that fear in themselves because they lack the knowledge and skills so they feel incapable and vulnerable. Once you start working on the particular skill / skills you lack you build your confidence and there’s less room for fear.
This is the second way of dealing with fear and overcoming fear.

3. Think back over those times when you felt afraid of doing something and focus on how you felt once you’d stepped over your fear and done that thing used to scared you.
Chances are, after you did what used to scare you, you felt exhilaration and you felt incredibly proud of yourself. Hold on to that feeling and every time you feel fear about doing something new or something you don’t have experience in, remind yourself how good you felt the last time you overcame your fear. Think about the exhilaration, excitement and pride that come from dealing with your fear and overcoming your fear.

These are my tips for dealing with and defeating your fears. We all have personal challenges and daemons that hold us back so I would love to hear from you.
What fears do you have? How have you dealt with your own fears and overcome them? What advice would you give others in dealing with a fear same as yours or fear in general?
Please feel free to comment and share.
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