Public Speaking Episode #20 Geoffrey X Lane – Overcoming The FEAR of Public Speaking Video 2

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Everyone can become a powerful speaker – yes I truly believe that to be true. I want to be a myth buster about public speaking, actually busting the FEAR of public speaking. I want to get rid of the BS.

This is part 2 of a 3-part series called FEAR, where I share my insights from 30-plus years of public speaking, training others to speak, and coaching business and professional speakers.

Always show up Geoffrey

Geoffrey X Lane — The Million Dollar Presentation Coach

Recently I was introduced as the “Million Dollar Coach”, I just never thought of myself that way. Afterwards I asked why that introduction and was told simply “well it is true, that’s why we hire you”.
Yes, it is true in the last calendar year I have helped teams win over 0 million in contracts, what a great year and what fun it was too…

I am a Presentation Director – so what is that you may ask?

Well I made up that name to explain what I do as a consultant. I direct and coach teams and individual people to present their ideas with authenticity, drawing out their personal power and charisma and as a result they get more of what they want, with more ease and a sense of fun. Sounds simple, it is challenging, exciting and sometimes stressful and disappointing.

“The role of the Director is to create a space where they can become more than they’ve ever been before, more than they’ve dreamed of being” Robert Altmann.

As I love winning ~ what I really mean is I love helping people to win business, win the interview and get the job. Love being the coach, it is so satisfying to see the people, teams and organizations that I have coached do well and oh yes I am competitive and when we win, elation!

I am known to “tell it like it is” giving direct, clean feedback, no BS, no beating around the bush, just telling it like it is!

I was leading the Presentation Power workshop at University of British Columbia and had just published my first book when I got a call from a good friend to help coach a very smart and talented Andrea Shaw. We spent three days working on her presentation, media strategies and handling questions. What I did not know was that Andrea was going for an interview to be the spokesperson for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bid team! Not only did Andrea win the job, she was instrumental in helping win the Winter Olympic bid!

I had the pleasure and excitement of preparing the Winter Olympic Bid team for the highly charged visit by the International Olympic Committee to evaluate Canada’s Bid ~ seven teams were involved, only three made it through, we were one. Then July 2003 in Prague we won the right to host the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010. It was exhausting, exciting and a memorable changing point in my life and gave me a new career!

For me this was the start of a new career using my 25 years of public speaking and coaching others. I have been coaching people and teams to make presentations ever since. Do we win every time, NO ~ but more than 60% of the time!

Do you have something important to say to the world—a new idea, product, passion, or program? Want to get people on board to help you with your calling; or do you want to make a splash at your company retreat?

Turn YOUR fear into power.

The people in your world are waiting for your leadership! Having trained thousands of people, I know that the secrets, strategies and knowledge of persuasive and powerful public speaking and I share them in my weekly show, 9am PST every Tuesday

HangOutWithGeoffrey has the potential to affect your life and results in more ways than you may imagine. Your personal success depends on your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with clarity and passion!

Now it is your time to shine!

You Can Become A Powerful Speaker…!
To your success!

Geoffrey X Lane

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