Public Speaking for Men

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

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Become an effective speaker by overcoming your stage fright
Public Speaking is a formal, face-to-face talk given by a single person to a group of listeners.

Most people suffer from high anxiety and fear, while speaking in public. Researchers found that people rank the fear of speaking in public even higher than the fear of dying.

But, the good news is that Public Speaking is a learnable skill and can be improved upon.

So, if you are suffering from the fear of public speaking, then our step-by-step, online course on Public Speaking will help you overcome your stage fright and turn you into a Confident Speaker.

Topics covered include:

Introduction – FREE
Dealing with Stage Fright
How to Prepare your Speech
How to Rehearse your Speech
Voice Control
Speech Delivery Methods
Using Body Language
Part A – Posture & Gestures
Part B – Eye Contact & Facial Expressions
How to Engage your Audience
Understanding Venue Settings
A good Personal Appearance

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