Public Speaking Teaser

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

How to overcome fear of public speaking:

Fear of public speaking is a real problem when faced with needing to speak in public for your career progression, or just to have the confidence to nail it as a Best Man.

Hypnosis for public speaking is highly effective as hypnosis communicates with the subconscious mind, enabling suggestions to by-pass the logical brain and helping you to harness your inbuilt abilities to be creative, confident and enjoy giving a presentation.

This download is particularly effective if you need to give presentations in a work environment to both small and large audiences.

Transcript of the Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking Hypnosis Download:

You might be astonished to notice the difference as you walk into the room that makes you realise your confidence is growing. As you notice the eager faces surrounding you realise you are someone people want to listen to. And because you feel that feeling of calmness means you believe you’re changing …

And who knows, you might be curious that the understanding your unconscious has of what I am saying may be much more than you are aware of. As you begin to hear yourself speak the words of your presentation all you focus on is the words your mouth is forming. You become more and more interested in the words as they emerge, wondering what your mouth will say next.

And it might only be after giving the presentation that you realise how you have changed as you enjoy the feeling of excitement in your stomach because you know you are worthy of listening to. Because it may not be until after sharing stories with your friends that you realise how your growing awareness shows you have everything you need to do the same to a larger group.

Looking back you may smile at how easily you did it. … because you know all you should know. As you deliver your presentation you notice how happy your colleagues feel in your company and the way they look that lets you know they’re enjoying listening to you. And you might be surprised how calm you begin to feel as you hear yourself clearly as you start your presentation which means … You could notice seeing things differently from now on.

And as the days go by it could be many things that let you know you are changing as your ability continues to grow to calmly present to more people …

Because people are enjoying who you are and you might be surprised to notice how you can be relaxed, which means you are breathing easier, feeling calm and enjoying just being you … which means you are worthy of listening to. And we can wonder at just how soon you realise your rapidly growing capabilities are helping you to achieve what is important to you … which means you can see yourself as being really successful and that feels fantastic, doesn’t it?

You can recognise now that value … that unique capacity and capability that is yours … has always been yours … and I really don’t want you to know too much about how good you can feel with that intense awareness of confidence in your ability to make changes and decisions in your life for yourself … feeling free to express yourself … to enable others to share in your knowledge.

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