Public Speaking Tip: Techniques to Relieve Nervousness

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In this short video I’ll share with you 3 different ideas on things you can do physically to relieve some of that nervousness from your body before a public speaking presentation. To learn more about my public speaking services visit us at

This public speaking tip is about how to release nervousness and anxiety from your body by using some physical techniques.

You’re very nervous because you have a speech coming up. What are some ways that you can release some of that nervousness and anxiety before it’s time to take the stage? First thing is you need to ring out that nervousness from your body. Here’s what to do — you actually shake your body. You shake your body, your arms, your chest, your shoulders and you’re releasing that nervous tension out from your body. If you do this for a minute or two, you’ll find that after you’re done, your body feels a little more relaxed.

Another thing to do is to take deep breaths. Just close your eyes and take deep breaths. Do that a few times and you can’t help but feel a little more relaxed.
The next technique, go to a quiet area where it’s not so bright. Be in a dark area where it’s quiet, and close your eyes and just relax. If you can, put a wet towel over your eyes. A wet towel over your eyes will soothe you, calm you, bring your body temperature down a little bit which also helps you to feel physically better.

Think about these things — release the tension from your body by physically just wringing it out. Take some deep breaths. Go to a quiet, dark area and close your eyes and take a wet towel and put it over your eyes to bring down your body temperature. Of course if you’re a woman and you’re wearing eye makeup, that last tip might not work so well for you so do the other ones. Do these physical techniques and you’ll find that you’re more relaxed and less nervous about that presentation that’s coming up.