Speaking Gigs Out The Fricken Wazoo! – Rachel S. Lee

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I keep getting messages from people asking me, “Rachel, how did you get over 30 speaking gigs in the past 5 months?!?!”

Because I’m lucky duh.


More like MASSIVE action mixed with the RIGHT steps.

The steps that have:
-Put me on multiple stages with 100, 150, 200 people in the audience, now over 3,000 total.
-Had me close 40%, 50%, even 80% of the room into clients or sales calls.
-Me taking on 6 speaking gigs a month, WHILE running 2 businesses.
-Got people reaching out to ME, to be on THEIR stage.
-Got me over 50,000 views on videos and recordings.
-Got me free venues, free speaking gear, free recordings and photos, new followers, new clients, new business partners.

I moved to LA under a year ago, from a small town 700 miles away. I had ZERO local network, which turned into a SMALL network, which has turned into ME creating and facilitating a network for others. (You do not need to be in a big city to do this. I got results in my small town too from following these steps)

If you want to MARKET and SELL your business and yourself to MULTIPLE people at once (time leverage), and instantly increase your professional reputation (the audiences perception at least), public speaking is the way to go.

You do NOT need years of training and experience to GET STARTED with speaking to a room! No one needs to give you permission except for YOU.

In order to help people in the best way, I am teaching a 4 week virtual workshop “SPEAKING GIGS OUT THE WAZOO” (sorry I didn’t know what to call it, and this actually perfectly describes it), where I teach you the step by step actions you need to take to have 2 or more speaking gigs booked by the end of the program!

By the end of the program, you will:
-Have 2 or more speaking gigs booked.
-Get rid of your fear of public speaking (We will use NLP to permanently rid this out of your subconscious mind.
-Be able to SELL your services or product from the front of the room.
-Format your talks and presentations in the way that most fits your desired outcome.
-Know how to host your own events.
-Know how to be a guest speaker at other events.
-Know where to look for finding speaking opportunities.
-Have a social media plan that you can leverage to book even more gigs.

This is going to be a SMALL group. I am taking 4 clients. We meet every Tuesday Eve at 6pm PST on ZOOM. There will be live Q&A and masterminding in addition to the content I will be teaching you.

Beware: I go FAST. I don’t hold back. I am going to be sharing with you EVERYTHING I know about quickly becoming a professional speaker in these 4 weeks. You will receive the recordings so you can take extra notes.

-4 weeks (9/27-10/18)
-7 per person, or just 7 for you and a friend (free for my 1-1 clients)
-4 one hour zoom calls
-Access to the recordings
-You will have 2 or more speaking gigs by the end of the program

This program is already filling up with my current clients and clients I have got from my own speaking gigs, so message me or comment NOW so I can secure a spot for you.

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