Stress Management Tip: Overcoming Anxiety

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You may not know exactly why you feel this emotion, but when you do, you think something bad is about to happen.
Not to worry, this tip will put your anxiety at ease!

Since anxiety is not a healthy emotion and is difficult to ignore, the trick is to manage it and put it to your use, rather than trying to ignore it.

The first step is to acknowledge anxiety—since you cannot initially change it.
The next step is to visualize it as a positive source for motivation. This can be likened to a soldier about to go into battle. The soldier uses courage to act regardless of the anxiety.

As articulate as my father was, he greatly feared to speak in public. This anxiety is very common. Many people are dreadfully afraid to speak in front of an audience. Year after year, psychologists rank having to speak in front of others as the thing people fear the most. This fear crosses all educational levels and all personality types.

I was no exception. As a severe stutterer most of my early life, I knew the only way to improve was to practice speaking in front of people. I was willing to undergo intensive embarrassment to overcome my problem. In college, I took radio announcing, debated, and was very active in student government. Aside from many awards and honors (such as giving the commencement address as Senior Class President at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles), I now earn much of my income speaking around the world. I have had the honor of being invited to speak in 25 countries in five (5) continents.

Today there are organizations, such as Toastmasters International that specialize in learning to become a successful platform speaker—regardless of a person’s anxiety.

Tip: Think of anxiety as a motivational prompt. Put it to your use. You will be amazed at how anxiety can motivate you to improve your skills.

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