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Memory Superpower for Students | Bhomick

My name is Bhomick, and I as a soft skills trainer, NLP Master and a public speaking coach have empowered countless students through various powerful NLP subconscious techniques in last 6 years. Apart from that while being an NLP master, I have helped numerous humans from their miseries like anxiety, fear, phobia, addiction and have helped them overcome the past painful memories.

Let me ask you a question:

Do YOU as a Student:-

— Have trouble while Memorizing and Retaining your learnings?
— Feel that one subject is good but other is bad and donโ€™t feel like studying?
— Possess FEAR of exams which ruins all the hard work done over the year?
— Have some Past Painful Memory which you want to get Rid off ?
— Confused about which Career Path to take for Success?
— Want to get Rid of Bad Habits/Addiction?

If answers to any of the above questions is a YES, then then I can aid you with:

— Sharpening your Memory to Learn your study content faster with 100% Retention.
— Techniques to remember long Paragraph, Vocabulary, Formulas, dates etc.
— Remove any Past Painful Memory and be HAPPY.
— 3-step formula to get rid of Exam(or any) Fear/Phobia.
— Remove Stress from your Memory/Mind
— Re-Kindle the lost interest in Studies.
— Get rid of Unwanted Habits ex Nail-biting, Pen Chewing.
— Creating a 100% confident Self Image of YOU.

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