T.D JAKES – Remember What I Said – (GREAT SERMON)

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T.D JAKES – Remember What I Said – (GREAT SERMON)
T.D JAKES – Remember What I Said – (GREAT SERMON)
T.D JAKES – Remember What I Said – (GREAT SERMON)

TD JAKES – #Sunday – Checked You 2 Bless You – November 19,2017
TD JAKES – Has your FAITH been tested lately Share how your Faith has sustained you through life’s
TD JAKES – In order to take the next step you are going to have to flock with others in their
TD JAKES – I’ve never seen REAL LOVE lose a Fight together! It will survive through adversity
TD JAKES – #Sunday – Find Your Wings – Otc 29,2017
TD JAKES – If you’re going to be successful, you learn from the lows how to ride on the highs
TD Jakes – #Sunday – SOAR: Hatching Greatness – Otc 22, 2017
TD JAKES 2017 – #Start deleting distractions, so you can focus!
TD JAKES – Sacrifice is the only way for you to go into the next dimension!
TD JAKES – #Can you walk with God in the blurry places when life is out of focus ?
TD JAKES – When you understand your position, you can change your condition!
TD JAKES – #Believe that you can conquer that thing that has you operating in Fear
TD JAKES – #Because pressure builds in silence, you can be at a breaking point and not even know it
TD JAKES – #Sunday – Eagles Make Love In The Air – Otc 8, 2017
TD JAKES – #Sunday – He is the Great I Am – Part 1 – Aug 20, 2017
TD JAKES – #Your next action is God’s trigger! If you Build it, God will Bless it!
TD Jakes – #Sunday – Soar: The Next Generation – Nov 5,2017
TD JAKES – #Stop empowering your problems! Make them the wind beneath your wings!
TD JAKES – The stress on your mind is at a breaking point because you have no place to lay your head
TD JAKES – It’s not over until God says, ‘It’s over!’
TD JAKES – #When His mercy falls on us, the only thing we can do is to give Him Praise
TD JAKES – #When God blesses you, don’t let no devil in hell move you out of your place of blessing!
TD JAKES – #Better put, how do you commit to bringing your mission to life each day?
TD JAKES – #Before you give up, you gotta have radical, aggressive faith to get your breakthrough!
TD JAKES – When you worship, you connect! You’ll never see what you’re designed to be until you
TD JAKES – #Sunday – Change Agent – September 17, 2017
TD JAKES – #God is digging you down so he can raise you up! He has to build your foundation!
TD JAKES – #It is frustrating to have an understanding on a level to which you donot have
T.D JAKES – God will make things happen that you could never make happen
T.D JAKES – You will see the favor of God on your life
T.D JAKES – We have to realize that God is a sovereign God
T.D JAKES – Just keep being your best and honoring God
T.D JAKES – When you’re honest with yourself and honest with God
T.D JAKES – The scripture says God is a present help in trouble
T.D JAKES – The Lord is our refuge and our strength
T.D JAKES – God gives you strength when you don’t think you can go on
T.D JAKES – Through faith and patience we inherit the promises of God
T.D JAKES – When you develop a habit of always thinking about God’s goodness
T.D JAKES – God is for you He has you in the palm of His hand
T.D JAKES – God has a hedge of protection around you and your family
T.D JAKES – God didn’t create you to keep everybody happy
T.D JAKES – You have a defender God said He will protect your reputation
T.D JAKES – Wait for God to do it His way He sees every injustice, every negative word
T.D JAKES – One touch of God’s favor can thrust you to the next level
T.D JAKES – God’s favor how to persevere to stay focused, to fight the good fight of faith
T.D JAKES – God can promote you even though you don’t have the experience
T.D JAKES – God hasn’t just covered your mistakes, He’s blotted them out
T.D JAKES – God filled his life with good things, so that he stayed young and strong
T.D JAKES – God is ready to pour out His favor on you
T.D JAKES – God promises He will protect you, defeat will pass over you
T.D JAKES – God will pour out blessings that you can contain
T.D JAKES – God has spoken over you, goals and dreams He’s placed in your heart
T.D JAKES – God show out in your life in ways that you’ve never seen
T.D JAKES – God loves you and that He has a great plan for your life
T.D JAKES – God’s plans and dreams for you are bigger than your plans
T.D JAKES – The only approval you need is God’s
T.D JAKES – God speaks to us about practical, everyday things
T.D JAKES – Come boldly to God’s throne of grace and expect to receive His abundant mercy
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