The Fear of Making YouTube Videos

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Read about excuses that we make for confronting the fear of making YouTube videos on my blog:

I hope that I can inspire any person that is afraid to make a video for YouTube. If I can do it, you can do it! Stop worrying about what others think. You have a unique and important message that somebody on Earth wants to hear. I have a fear of public speaking and making YouTube videos, also.

There are times that I feel very confident and fearless about speaking in front of the camera. Sometimes I still become nervous when I turn on that camera and start to speak. The more that I make videos, the more comfortable I feel in doing so. Nobody’s perfect and practice makes (almost) perfect. Go ahead and make a YouTube video today!

Hello, my fellow You Tubers. I hope y’all are doing well out there. Today I gonna make, I’m gonna hopefully try to make a short video. But I was talking to a friend of mine a few days, ago. And, I told her I was doing YouTube videos. And I suggested to her that she does some YouTube videos because she’s very good with hair and make up. And I know that, that’s a very popular subject on YouTube. And, she’s a very beautiful girl. She has a nice personality, so I know that she’d be a success. But, she has fear of being on camera and she has a fear of public speaking. And no matter what I told her, it’s like I could not encourage her to go ahead and start up a YouTube channel. So, that’s basically gonna be what I’m going to be talking about today. Just using myself as an example, I also have a fear of making YouTube videos and also had a fear for many years of public speaking.

But, I finally came to the realization that, the only way that I’m going to get over this fear, is by actually doing. That’s the best way to get over those types of fears. And another thing that
I did, was I had to actually step out of myself and realize that, those fears were basically something that I conjured up in my own mind, and that those fears are illogical or irrational fears.

And that it’s not the end of the world make a mistake with creating a video. That’s what Windows Movie Maker Live is for. Whenever you make mistakes in your speech or, what you have to actually say. Anybody out there that wants to make a YouTube channel, I say go ahead and do it. And, with time, practice makes perfect. I know that, in a year’s time, I’ll probably be making better, even better videos, with more interesting content.

But the most important thing is to go ahead and get it going. And stop worrying about what other people think. That’s another thing that I, that held me back from actually making videos, is that I was worried about what this person or that person would say about the way I look. Or, the way that I spoke or the way that I sounded. And I just had to get over that. Because you can’t please everybody. There’s going to be a group of people that like you, and a group of people that don’t like you, for whatever reasons. And you can’t allow what others think about you [to] dictate the
way that your life is going to be. You know, you’ll be a miserable and unhappy person if you do that. So, go out there and do, do you. Make your YouTube videos. That’s it for today. Thanks for watching.