The Fear Of Public Speaking – Advice From Tony Award Winner Jay Johnson

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Do you have a fear of public speaking? Jay Johnson talks about the fear of experiencing the unknown and how to get over stage fright at:

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Tony Award Winner Jay Johnson sits down with corporate comedian ventriloquist Tom Crowl to discuss improving stage presence, overcoming the fear of public speaking and how to get over stage fright. The interview is part of Discussions On Showmanship, a course designed to help people become better entertainers and speakers. This clip was edited for Entertainment Experts.

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You know nobody is going to be a performer the first time they go on stage. They may hate it. They may say I never want to do this again. That would change their performance but it’s just always looking for that thing that hasn’t happened before. Not try to cause it but if you deal with something there whether it goes badly or it goes well you’ve dealt with it. So it’s not an unknown anymore. So your stage fright is less, your abilities are greater, your stage persona is getting better because you know how to do it.

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