types of fear and how to overcome fear

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Everyone has various fears in different phases of life. Fear holds you back from becoming the best. It undermines your good qualities and talent. It paralyses the thinking process, and will power.
Many kinds of fears are there.
Fear of loseing relationships, money, business, job, health, prestige, respect.
Fear of critisism, failure, rejection.
fear of death, accidents, decease.
Fear of keeping secrets, expressing feelings, being controled by others.
Fear of comparison with others, fear of not being good enough.
Fear of public speaking, fear of exam, interview.
Fear of animals, water, closed spaces, dark spaces.
Fear of being judged by others, disappointment.
Some amount of fear is good if is is used constructively.
Like fear prevents you from becoming careless, it makes you vigilant and careful.
have self respect, self esteem.
have courage, determination to overcome fear.
do not over analyse issues.
most of the fear is imaginary with no real substance.
keep yourself engaged in something positive and constructive. Have inspiring mission and vision in life.
read inspiring books, listen to inspiring talks.
visualize yourself as a fearless person.
try to gather information about whatever is causing you fear.
take action, get used to taking actions.
overcoming fear is a fulfilling and satisfying experience.