VIDEO #17 – Nuggets to Lessen the Fear of Public Speaking – Use Notes or a Mind Map!

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Fred Miller, “NO SWEAT Public Speaking!”

Here’s another one of my Nuggets to Lessen the Fear of Public Speaking.


There’s nothing wrong with having notes!

I’ve got a lot of stuff to tell the audience. If notes remind me so I don’t leave something out – that’s great!

One problem with notes, they can look a little fuzzy, especially when you’re nervous. Anyone ever have that happen to them?

Well, here’s the answer! Use a Mind Map.

Mind Maps use images, symbols, colors. It’s very easy to look at an image and know what you’re gong to talk about.

If you use a slide presentation, and use image in those slides – and you should! Take a screen shot of the whole thing in slide sorter view.

Your whole presentation on one piece of paper. Look at an image – speak to it!

This stuff works!

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Till next time, Fred Miller – NO SWEAT!


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