We help Rose easily overcome her fear of public speaking in just 1 session! Advanced Mind Coaching

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Rose easily overcomes her fear of public speaking in just 1 Advanced Mind Coaching Session!

Our unique approach can easily deliver Life Changing Result from the moment you start!
Have you tried other ways to address your issues with little or no success?
Can your symptoms come and go without warning, or do they get worse when you are stressed or tired?
Are these unwanted thoughts, feelings, habits and fears stopping you from enjoying your life fully?
Would you like to discover how to easily let go of these negative thoughts, feelings, habits and anxieties so you can feel free and enjoy a natural peace of mind?
The problem is the two conflicting parts of your mind!
The ‘Conscious/Logical’ part of your mind knows that something is out of balance but does not know how to change the unwanted negative thoughts, habits and feelings.

I’m feeling depressed, angry, anxious, scared, stressed out but I don’t know how to stop
I was prescribed medication to help cope but I can’t stay on it forever and the effectiveness of the medication seems to be wearing off the longer I take it
I have read self-help books but they didn’t seem to help me much
I have tried cognitive talk therapies and positive thinking with little or no success
(These and many other attempts can leave you feeling frustrated, vulnerable and hopeless)

However, knowing logically that you have unwanted negative thoughts, habits, feelings and beliefs and maybe even knowing why, does not allow you to stop them from intruding on your life.
The truth is the ‘Subconscious/Emotional’ part of your mind is actually generating these unwanted negative thoughts, feelings, habits and beliefs inside of your mind and body because it mistakenly believes that it is protecting or helping you in some way.

I was bullied in school when I was a young child and now as an adult I feel anxiety socially even though I logically know there is no danger.
I was abused when I was a child and I feel angry, depressed and sad about events from the past even though they are long since passed.
My mother suffered with depression/anxiety and I guess I got it from her, I think it’s genetic or it’s in my blood I have always felt this way.
Every time I see a spider I have a panic attack but I don’t know why.
I have insomnia but everything in my life is going well otherwise its puzzling.
(These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety of unwanted negative thoughts, feelings, habits and beliefs that we can help people change for good)

The solution is simple — iMindCoach!
Our Professional Mind Coaches can work directly with the ‘Subconscious/Emotional’ more powerful part of your mind. Using our unique approach and skills we can easily help you to tap directly into this part of your mind.

We can easily help you at this ‘Subconscious/Emotional’ level to positively change the way you think and more importantly positively change how you feel about yourself and the world around you for good.

This is how you can expect to feel after your life changing experience with us!
You can expect to feel free from old negative thoughts, habits, feelings and beliefs relating to people or events from the past and present
You can expect to feel calmer, more confident and at peace with yourself and feel a renewed appreciation for yourself and the world around you
You can expect to feel excited and optimistic about the future with a calm inner strength having discovered how to easily tap into these positive resources within your mind.
If you would like to find out more from one of our Professional Mind Coaches you can simply, ‘Request a Free Confidential Phone Consultation’ on this page and we would be delighted to help you! Or you can check out your nearest clinic for more details.

In most cases we can help people to resolve their issues in as few as 1 to 3 sessions.

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you to change your life for good!

All the best,

iMindCoach Team,
Your Success in Mind! www.imindcoach.ie