Webinar – How to Break Through Public Speaking Blocks (& Get Out of Your Own Way)

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Hosted by the Wisconsin SBDC at UW-Green Bay as part of their 2014 Secret$ to Success webinar series in partnership with TMR Associates and First Business Bank. Presented by Cher Gunderson of Master Your Accent. Legitimate reasons exist that people (including leaders) fear public speaking more than death. We fear that we’re exposing ourselves to scrutiny of our knowledge, ideas and private ideals. While most people see the importance of preparing and practicing a speech or presentation, most are unaware of the keys to engaging their audience and knowing what emotional, nonverbal, and verbal techniques help them do that. Explore the inner work and communication techniques you need for empowering your voice and infusing your passion to connect with your audience.

What You Will Learn
• 3 Essential Components to Embrace in order to Authentically Connect with your Audience
• 4 Emotional Blocks that Keep you Stuck & their Freeing Truths
• 4 Elements of an Organized Presentation so it Runs Smoothly & Impacts your Audience
• 5 Verbal & Nonverbal Communication Excellence Tools to Confidently Capture & Engage your Audience Every Time
• The Most Overlooked Element of Public Speaking that when Utilized, Empowers you with Confidence and Spontaneity

Your ROI
• Improve your professional and personal confidence through public speaking
• Don’t miss something in your current speeches and presentations
• Don’t shy away from speaking opportunities yet know you have leadership qualities and a message, story, or expertise you yearn to share
• Look to change your public speaking fears to empowerment and confidence
• Take your public speaking to the next level to influence broader audiences