Why you should join Toastmasters? Vox Toastmasters at Los Altos

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Here are a few questions which bring us to Vox Toastmaster meetings:

How well do people remember you from the first handshake? Do you leave a LASTING IMPRESSION, when you meet people for the first time? Learn more about INTRODUCING YOURSELF effectively for the first time.
Breath controls the internal, hormonal environment. Breath practice increases strength and endurance, decreases stress and increases longevity. When anxious, breathe! When confused, breathe! When sad, breathe! Breathing challenges the internal environment disturbed in crisis. That is what we should do. Ever thought how emergency folks like firefighters and rescuers handle the crisis when things are collapsing around them?They are taught to own their breath and reverse the vortex to get into the flow. And it is amazing how that works.” Learn more about overcoming fear of public speaking by controlling BREATHING.
If something ever went wrong with your speech, tell a JOKE to put your audience at ease! It works like MAGIC! Learn how to deliver a JOKE effectively in our weekly meeting.