Handling Questions: Presentation & Public Speaking Tip for Handling Questions

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A Q&A Session after a presentation might seem like the best idea but you want to close strong. Place the Q&A Session before your closing statement.

In this short video I give you some pointers on having a good Q&A experience in a talk. It’s important that you’re handling questions properly so you end your speeches and presentations on a good note. To learn more about my public speaking coaching services, please visit my website at http://www.speakwellandsell.com/services/private-speech-coaching/

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This public speaking tip is about how to handle Q and A. what I say most often in presentations when it comes to Q and A is placing it right at the very end. The speaker will go through their entire presentation and then say “are there any questions?”

That might seem okay, however what happens when you’re asked a question that you can’t answer? It makes you a little uncomfortable. You hate to say you can’t answer the question and you certainly don’t want to be the last thing that the audience remembers about your presentation. Here’s the professional way to handle Q and A — you build it into your presentation at about 2 minutes before the end. You let your audience know that now is the time to take questions. They ask whatever questions they have, you answer them to the best of your ability and then you finish your presentation with the ending that you planned. Remember that you always want to end with a strong close, so use one of my techniques for a strong close — a strong statement, an inspirational message or a story — and that’s what will leave your audience with a positive impression of your presentation.