How To Make Your Own Funny Public Speaking Jokes

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I am pretty funny guy. You know how I know I am funny guy? Because my 2 year old thinks I am hilarious! All I have to do is fall over or drop something and he is in histerics and laughing his head off. He thinks I am funniest guy in the world.

So when I get up in front of people, I’m just going to fall over and have the audience in tears of laughter? Not going to happen!

But today I do want to talk about how to make your own funny public speaking jokes. I do believe that lot of the public speaking jokes that people are using jokes of the internet just aren’t very funny. They are very corny and they are very awkward for the audience.

A joke is very important when placed in public speech because it needs to work and if it fails you need to have a backup plan. How can we create our own funny public speaking jokes, even if we aren’t usually that funny?

Why public speaking jokes off the internet almost always fail –

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