How To Present With Passion in Public Speaking

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how can you execute your public speaking presentations with passion?

A recently published article has offered advice to readers to help them to learn to love public speaking. In this video, we discuss the importance of passion when presenting to assist an individual to remove any negative connotations associated with public speaking.

While the benefits of public speaking are well known, there are many individuals who shy away from it due to fear. An article published on the entrepreneur website has offered tips to help individuals at the beginning of their public speaking journey.

Suggestions are made that it is crucial for individuals to remember that a passionate delivery will overshadow any technical errors. It is suggested that the focus should be removed from overanalysing language and technique and instead, presenters should allow for their passion to shine through.

We asked Andy Harrington, a public speaking expert, for his thoughts on focussing on passion when delivering a speech. His comments are included within the video itself.

To find out more information about Andy Harrington, Public Speaking News or Jet Set Speaker.

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