International Public Speaking (Sustainable Development Goals)

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Event : JCI Jakarta to JCI Indonesia, all the way to JCI Congress in Japan
Theme : Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Topic : Perspective of Ecofeminism in SDGs

Outline :
To protect the survival and sustainability of human race, all members of the UN have agreed to participate in a program called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Mirroring the previous program (MDGs), actors believe that there’s a huge chance SDGs could failed because these programs only cares about the sustainability as long as it gives beneficial to the capital’s owner.
Based on an international relation theory (Ecofeminism), ecofeminism believes that it’s perspective is being needed to understand the chance of the failure of SDGs and how should we handle it.

Speaker : Fanny Susanti, SE. (active student for Master Degree Program at Universitas Indonesia majoring International Relation in Transnational Society)
Videographer : Meisya Yadillah & Putri Anggraini

Jakarta, 15th March 2018