Mechanics of Public Speaking (LinkedIn)

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

“Mechanics of Public Speaking”
I received an email from IMechE about a competition called Speak Out For Engineers, SOFE. Considering that I’m a Chemical, not a Mechanical Eng student, and that I was extremely busy with my assignments, I decided not to join. But my passion for public speaking and presenting kept on dragging me the other way.

I kept on thinking, what “Mechanical” topic can I be really READY for, to reduce the preparation duration. A plot twist suddenly popped up on my mind: “What about Mechanics of Presenting?”

I filled the application; I prepared all the necessary content; then on the day of the competition, I finished my classes; headed to SOFE; went up on stage, and…

I revealed (and tried to apply) every realistic secret I got to know about Presenting and Public Speaking “Mechanics” & I shared a theory, that I came up with, the Triple E rule. My presentation was the second last, and guess what? Judges and students, were asking me: “Why weren’t you the first, so that everyone would’ve applied what you said?”

Yes I didn’t win, but I fulfilled my goal, of experiencing one more presentation as a chance to find out what could be added to the “Mechanics of Public Speaking”.

No matter how “busy” you are, keep following your passion.