Public Speaking 101: For Beginners in Motivational Speaking (Lakeisha McKnight TV – Episode 7)

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Public Speaking 101: For Beginners Want to Become Better Speakers (Lakeisha McKnight TV – Episode 7)

Public Speaking 101: For Beginners in Motivational Speaking

[1:22] Tip #1: Not memorize your lines word for word. Just memorize your main points and familiarize your supporting points. Because if you get nervous it may cause you to forget your lines. So never memorize your speech.

[3:00] Tip #2: Do not drink anything cold right before you’re going to present your message always have a bottle of water and make sure that its room temperature.
[3:25] You don’t want to mess up with your voice box and your lungs by putting
anything cold. It affects your ability to project your voice. Make sure that
anything you drink is lukewarm. Avoid anything that has too much acid like

[4:57] Tip #3: Making sure that you’re on time for your speech. Get yourself early perhaps 20 — 30 minutes at the least early to your presentation. Give yourself a time to relax and get your mindset prepared for your audience, get your energy ready to get on stage.

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