Public Speaking Anxiety Solved through Speaking Circles®

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Lee Glickstein, founder of Speaking Circles International, models and discusses the radical practice of Relational Presence which he developed to solve public speaking anxiety.

His teaching is interwoven with five Speaking Circle participants who share what brought them to Speaking Circles and how this practice of Relational Presence (which they model as they speak unscripted) has transformed their lives with groups, as speakers and personally.

On the Speaking Circles’ YouTube channel you can also see videos of each of the five participants, including content that wasn’t included in this movie.

A Speaking Circle® is a small group method for solving public speaking anxiety, stage fright and self-consciousness. A Speaking Circle begins with a certified Speaking Circle® Facilitator who models and discusses the work, giving simple instructions for both listening and for 2-7 minute turns. Participants are encouraged not to plan their words, in fact; speaking is not required at all. What is explored is pure attunement to the listeners and allowing words to arise in that enriched listening environment. Newcomers always get to go last.

Speaking Circles were developed by Lee Glickstein in 1992; he is author of “Be Heard Now! End Your Fear of Public Speaking Forever” (Doubleday).

For more information, visit the Speaking Circles’ YouTube channel or the website at