🔴LIVE: Charisma On Command – Q&A

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

First ever live stream!

Questions asked:
0:02:34 How do you accept a compliment?
0:03:40 What’s your background story?
0:08:05 How do you deal with social anxiety?
0:10:38 How does money affect social interactions in various cultures?
0:11:44 How do you have friends if you’re introverted and don’t enjoy going out?
0:12:40 What’s the best way to stop thinking about your ex-girlfriend?
0:14:50 How do you make conversations not awkward with new people?
0:16:37 How do you deal with language barrier when meeting new people?
0:18:06 How can you make yourself interesting?
0:19:32 What do you do when people don’t agree with you?
0:20:35 How do you deal with sarcastic or verbal attack?
0:22:25 How do you deal with nervousness?
0:24:25 How do you ignore the little things that don’t matter when you do?
0:25:59 How do you make negative people positive?
0:29:00 How do you never run out of things to say?
0:31:08 What are your top three books?
0:32:00 How did you make Charisma on Command grow?
0:33:12 How did you find the motivation to start Charisma on Command?
0:36:30 What do you think of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why?
0:37:49 What do you think of Mark Manson?
0:38:29 Have you seen any work of Jordan Peterson?
0:39:58 How do you get over not adequately standing up for yourself during a sibling conflict?
0:41:51 Can you give body language tips on doing a presentation for short people?
0:43:39 How do you speak through a smile without looking creepy?
0:44:53 How do you stop rambling when you’re nervous?
0:46:59 I go to school and my life feels meaningless.. Can you give me some advice?
0:47:58 How do you deal with fear of success in relationships?
0:49:10 My ex wants to talk but I don’t know if she wants to use me or get to another guy.

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